We provide vocational training, academic programs, and spiritual counseling to those seeking life transformation.

Gospel Transformation

When we share Jesus we are providing men, women, and children with THE TRUE HOPE in all circumstances. The people who come to us know they have issues. We don’t need to remind them of their past in every sermon or interaction. This is why we train churches and volunteers to bring messages congruent with “growing in faith” in their sermons and lessons. They don’t need to constantly hear about why their past choices were keeping them in chains. They need answers to the new issues they now face, having left behind that life they once lived. They find life’s answers in Scripture … walking with Jesus.


Part of building communities of transformation includes providing the necessary counseling to help break cycles of poverty and brokenness. We provide counseling via case management, support groups and classes that aid in addiction recovery, and co-dependency.

Behavioral Resources

Fresno Mission provides behavioral resources in Anger Management, Healthy Sexuality, A.C.E. (Adverse Childhood Experience). 


In addition to our Sobering Center (An alternative to booking intoxicated individuals), we offer long-term “Life Recovery” programs for those who are willing to commit to a 12- to 18-month program and take the steps needed to overcome their current situation and find God’s will.

Fresno Mission Women and Children Center is a protected, secure environment providing long-term services to at-risk, abused, homeless, or previously incarcerated women or women with children. The community provides women and their children a place to get away from destructive lifestyles, offering a place to heal, learn, grow, and ultimately become productive members of society. Mothers who feel trapped in a dysfunctional setting can find a place of respite. This type of opportunity can create life change not just for the present, but also for future generations. Our goal is to help one more family who doesn’t have to rely on welfare… one more family that learns to be violence-free.

Fresno Mission Men’s Academy is for men whose lives have been broken by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, physical and mental abuses, and jail and/or prison experiences. The Academy provides hope for a normal life, the opportunity for restoration, and wholeness that comes from faith in God.   

It’s an 18 month program (12 month residential and 6 month aftercare) that provides rehabilitation, work-therapy, and career development for men.