Understanding Homelessness.

Our mission is to serve homeless men, women, and children in our community. To share God’s love and grace with every hurting person that comes through our doors, we rely on support from dedicated friends in our community. Thank you for your support!

…if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

"The Homeless" are People, Like You and Me

The look has changed. The “hobo” of the past is rare. Today’s homeless men and women may have college and graduate degrees. Others may not read beyond the first-grade level. While some people who are currently homeless have had highly skilled or productive jobs, others haven’t worked in a long while. Some are veterans of our armed forces. Many have families and have had homes, but have just encountered one crisis too many. They may be working, but existing from paycheck to paycheck with no reserves for any kind of emergencies. They may be mothers who are just now getting up their courage to take the kids and leave their abusive relationships. The startling fact is that people living on our streets are getting younger. All ages, from pre-teen and teen to the elderly, are homeless. In fact, you may know several people (simply by reading this) who are at-risk. So, it’s important to note:

Sometimes Good Intentions Hurt More Than Help
We see someone panhandling.  We are not sure of what to do. We see their need, but we feel conflicted. We offer food.  We offer money.  The next day they are still sitting on the street corner with their cardboard sign.  The food kept them comfortable, so there was no need for them to seek real help.  The money became their added incentive to remain.  No, not all homeless individuals are drug addicts and alcoholics.  Yet, many are.  Not all people can be easily helped.  In fact, many people we see suffer from mental illness, adding even more challenges to their situation.  To address these needs, we need to move beyond the “hand-out” and embrace the “hand-up.”

Compassion First – Something YOU can do and something we can do.
Just as homelessness is caused by a variety of reasons, it requires a variety of resources to address the needs of each, unique individual.  However, with each resource designed, compassion must be at the root of all we do.  So, what makes the work we do (responding to specific needs) so crucial?  The citizens of Fresno form the health of our community… this includes every person living in it.  When our citizens are not thriving, neither is our community.  Every person matters.  We cannot look away.  We cannot afford to dismiss their needs or hide them away in housing.  Offering a roof over their head is compassionate, but building a relationship, walking alongside them, and encouraging them to contribute their talents back into society means moving beyond compassion.  It means investing in each person.

Because of your compassion, we are able to invest in people’s lives.  Your gifts matter…  

We love Jesus.  We love as He loves. We meet the immediate needs of individuals with 24-Hour Emergency Services … but we don’t just leave them in the same hopeless condition.  We offer love, guidance, structure, and accountability; a way out of their situation.  We take them from one step to the next through recovery programs, job training, GED, counseling, and more.  We help people discover options for a better life.  You make all of this possible.  THANK YOU!

Learn How You Can Help

REAL CHANGE FRESNO – “Together, we can end homelessness in Fresno.”

Teach others to care
Speak out regarding the plight of people ensnared in homelessness. Help others, especially young people, to understand and care about those who are homeless. Whether at home, work, or church, the Lord may be calling you to be the example of compassion.

“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord
and He will reward him for what he has done.”

Proverbs 19:17

Donate Material Items
Many times basic needs are met through the supply of donated food, clothing, furniture or household items we receive from the community. You may drop off In-kind donation items (clothing, household items, etc.) at our Fresno Rescue Mission Thrift Store and Cars, 181 E. Sierra, Fresno – on Sierra between Blackstone and Fresno Street (559) 440-0870. Your gifts not only support people in need, they also supply vocational training venues for the men and women we are helping. Learn more about vocational training venues of the Fresno Rescue Mission.

Donate Food
All food items and monetary donations are received Downtown at the Fresno Rescue Mission, 263 G Street, Fresno (559-268-0839)

Contribute Financially
Be prepared to financially support organizations that devote time to helping people in need. Some people give $5.00 a week. Some give $25.00 to $50.00 a month, while others make one large gift each year. However you are led to participate, please know that we are very grateful for any gift that helps us reach out to someone in need. We will be good stewards of your gift.

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