The Fresno Mission opens our doors to any man, woman, or child in our community who turns to us for help.

We offer a variety of services we call our “First Touch Ministries”, to meet the most basic and immediate of needs; 24-hour emergency services, food services, chapel services, substance abuse programs for men and women.

Food Services

Food is the most basic human need, and our desire is to build relationships with people through a simple meal.

The Fresno Mission receives food donations from local businesses and individuals, who generously give because they feel compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. These donations allow us to feed our guests in Community Care, The Academy, and Rescue the Children. Because of the generosity of the community, we are able to share food with other agencies, churches, and ministries. It also allows us to provide for needy families as part of our outreach ministries.

Breakfast, a sack lunch, and a hot meal for dinner are available to anyone in need:

285 G Street – Fresno CA 93705

Morning Breakfast – 6:00 a.m.
Evening Meal – 5:00 p.m.

  • There are no requirements to stay at the Mission or attend chapel services to receive these meals.
  • Three meals per day are served to everyone involved in Community Care, Rescue the Children and the Academy.
  • Food baskets are distributed to individuals or families recommended by our ministry directors.
  • Food is also shared among many other local nonprofit agencies, depending on need and availability.

Giving A Helping Hand 24/7

24-Hour Emergency Services with Case Management

We offer services for single men, single women, women with children, men with children and families in need of emergency care. We help people in need identify the best next step they can take, whatever that might be. We often help people find:

  • Community resources and referrals
  • Reconnection with family
  • Housing
  • Financial Aid
  • Available community programs
  • Health & Human Services
  • Connection to public mental health services
  • And so much more … 

Serving men, women, families
(559) 444-0451
315 G Street, Fresno, CA WALK-INS WELCOME!

We offer a safe and warm environment for men and women when temperatures reach near freezing. When the weather temperatures drop to 35 degrees or below, or when extreme weather conditions arise, the Mission will open up as a warming center for men and women. They may come in for chapel (although it isn’t mandatory), spend the night, and have breakfast.

The Fresno Mission, in partnership with the Fresno Police Department and Crime Stoppers, established a Sobriety Center (AKA “Safe Area”), an alternative to booking intoxicated individuals into the County Jail. The purpose of this service is to give intoxicated men and women a safe place to “sleep it off” without having to go through the time and cost involved in booking them into the County Jail. This safe venue can save the City of Fresno several hundred thousand dollars per year. While the Fresno Police Department and Crime Stoppers assisted with the initial cost of setting the area up, the Fresno Rescue Mission bears the ongoing cost of the services provided. This is just one more way we are partnering with the City of Fresno to better serve our community.

The Fresno Mission provides beds for homeless men and women who need a safe place to continue their recuperation after being discharged from, and referred by, local hospitals. We are their home — a place of rest and encouragement while their medical needs are met by in-home services and their physicians.

(559) 444-0451  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Fresno Mission reaches out to individuals camping in the City and County of Fresno, responding as a coordinating service and transporting agency for those with whom the Fresno Police Department and Sheriff’s Office are actively engaging. When someone indicates to officers that they would like to receive services, we will be notified by FPD or SO.  Our Community Response Team will respond, transporting that individual (and their possessions) to whatever social service agency is appropriate.

We also anticipate responding to private citizens and businesses that contact us. We will follow the same procedures used when FPD or SO call provided the “camper” or individual is loitering on public property.

QUESTIONS FPD or SO ASK individuals who are without shelter and seeking immediate assistance through care services already in place:

1.  Are they willing to be drug and alcohol-free while receiving services?
2. If they are currently living with a partner – Are they willing to separate temporarily while receiving services?
3. Are they willing to place their items in storage while receiving services?
4. If they have an animal – Are they willing to separate from the animal in order to receive services?

Once it has been determined that the person is willing to accept services compliant with these conditions, they contact us and we send out our mobile unit/team to meet with them.

Our hope is to keep people safe within our community and ensure that no one is left outside.

“The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever!”

Psalm 22:26

We build relationships with the people we meet, offering hope through a meal, a shower … and sometimes their first restful sleep in years.

Everything we provide is accompanied by personal guidance — connection with a case manager in Community Care — someone with whom they can share their story. Guests who continue in our care participate in simplified work assignments as they manage their progress and personal goals with their Case Manager. Some elect to enroll in the Mission’s long-term recovery programs when they discover they are a good fit for a great outcome.

The Fresno Mission believes that it takes more than practical assistance to move people forward. Our ultimate goal is to offer people a hand up and out of homelessness, to assist and point them towards the abundant life God has for them. This is all done through the love of Jesus Christ and the practice of accountability.

Chapel Services

Offering HOPE and TRUTH through the Word of God will remain the central objective in all we do. That’s why we offer chapel services to preach the Word every day of the year. Everyone in our community is invited to attend!

Evening Chapel Service

Chapel services are conducted by volunteer groups. To be involved, contact Chaplain Bob Henry at extension 206. Chapel Services are open to the public every evening at 7:30 PM.

Saturday Prayer Gathering, Sunday Worship & Special Events

Each week we offer special worship services, and we host special events throughout the year. This is our opportunity to meet and greet new guests!

Chapel Services are offered at:
239 G Street
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 268-0839
Chaplain Bob Henry, Chaplain/ Chapel Coordinator, ext. 206

Bed Network Expansion

Will you help welcome more homeless neighbors to safety and life-changing care at the Mission? Sponsor our Bed Network expansion for one night!

On any given night, over 2,000 people in Fresno County are sleeping on the streets. Today, you can help bring them inside.

When you sponsor the Mission’s Bed Network expansion, you’ll help offer a total of 200 emergency beds for individuals and families in need. Select your sponsorship to help them today:

  • $3,500 to sponsor a complete room in the Bed Network expansion
  • $1,041 to sponsor one night in the Bed Network expansion
  • $500 to sponsor painting, lighting & decor for one room
  • $250 to sponsor blankets, sheets, pillows & towels for one room

Please give now! Your sponsorship gift will bring relief for today and hope for tomorrow to hundreds of homeless neighbors.

Family Center

Nearly 55% of the people who walk through our ”emergency care” doors are women with children in need of food, shelter, and basic necessities. These staggering statistics helped frame the foundation of the Fresno Mission Family Center. This safe haven offers families a community centered environment based on radical hospitality, love, and compassion. Fresno Mission case managers connect families to local resources, organizations, and housing entities.

Volunteers provide mentors, fellowship, group activities, and homework helpers for families staying at the Family Center.