Thank you for your interest in the Fresno Mission. We believe:

  1. God calls us to be good stewards of all He gives us;
  2. We are to be held accountable for how we use these resources as we further God’s Kingdom;
  3. By posting our financial documents on our website, it fulfills our desire to be transparent as we honor God;
  4. We are to do everything with excellence; and
  5. Given the state of our economy and not knowing what the future holds, we need to ensure the sustainability of Mission programs and services for the future.  This includes:
    • Staying within our budget for current income and expenses;
    • Having sufficient reserves in place to use during the “lean” years (Genesis 41:33-36);
    • Investing in those things that will create sustained revenue for the Mission ministries; and
    • Creating new opportunities for future growth.

For these reasons, we include our Form 990s on our website for your review. However, because of the complexity of our non-profit corporations, here is a simple explanation about the structure of the Fresno Mission Ministries.

For the last decade, the Fresno Mission has spent considerable time planning not just for the “now,” but also for the future. It was important to our Board and Staff to have an ongoing Five-Year Strategic Plan to ensure the sustainability of the ministries of the Mission. To that end, the Mission is made up of the following non-profit entities:

Since 1949, the Fresno Mission has been the parent organization that owns all Mission properties, is responsible for Mission programs and services, focuses on telling the story of the Mission through development and marketing, and receives donations that provide for current ministry needs. The Fresno Mission Board of Directors oversees policies and budgeting of the Fresno Mission Ministries, has an accountability relationship with the Mission CEO, and operates as a spiritual support group to ensure the Mission remains Christ-centered in all it does.

In 2005, Fresno Works was established as a supporting organization of the Fresno  Mission. Fresno Works oversees ventures and training opportunities in line with the Mission’s purpose, such as our Mission Thrift Store and Cars. It provides a path for employment opportunities for our graduates through these related opportunities. The Fresno  Mission Board oversees this organization’s policies and budgets.

As the Fresno Mission Ministries continue to grow, we are better able to serve the increased need in our community. After you review our financials, if you have questions, please contact the Accounting Department of the Fresno Mission.

Thanks to our community for their generous support. We know it takes all of us to provide for the least, the last, and the lost of the greater Fresno County area.