Lead Staff

Like our Board Members, our Lead Staff has also been called by God to serve here at the Fresno Mission. Many of them have left high-paying careers and corporate successes to follow God’s will and live out their calling in the field of rescue, ministry, and service. Each person on our team brings their unique expertise and experiences into their ministries, and raises them to levels of excellence to wholeheartedly serve our community.

Matt Dildine

Chief Executive Officer


Nathan Freeland

Chief Strategy Officer


Priscilla Robbins

Chief Ministry Officer 


Sherri L White

Business Operations Controller


Desmond Camacho

Director of Business Development & Mobilization


Don Eskes

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Rev. Bud Searcy

Director of The Academy


Phillip Roberts

Director of Facilities


Sandra Patel

Director of Mission Thrift Store and Cars


Lisa Nishimoto

Director of Events & Grants


Josh Mendoza

Director of Marketing


Board of Directors

We are blessed to have a team of devoted, godly individuals who serve on the Board of Directors for the Fresno Mission. They hold our staff and the Mission’s ministries accountable to God’s vision, and they bathe us in prayer regularly. They are a policy board, meaning they focus on the larger issues. They serve to keep our ministry’s purpose, goals, and Mission Statement in sync, trusting ministry Directors to lead in the day-to-day decisions. They delegate with clarity and rigorously evaluate fiscal challenges. They consider community needs in response to economic realities. They evaluate our accomplishments and/or setbacks using a standard of excellence as the ultimate mark.

Someone once asked what it takes to become a member of this highly esteemed board. The answer? These are individuals called by God to serve, and they have a love for Jesus! They trust the Lord with every aspect of their lives. They turn to Him daily in prayer for strength and wisdom, and they commit their time, their gifts, and their talents (especially knowledge) to wholly serve Him.


Josh Phanco, Chairman — The Phanco Group, An Allstate Agency

Mark Ford, Vice Chair — President and Partner, JD Food

Stephen Pearson, Treasurer — Woodward Park Baptist Church

Rob Kutka — Director of Tax, Fowler Packing

Leonel Alvarado — Owner, Century Builders
Vanessa Shehadey — Attorney, Richardson, Jones & Esraelian

Weaverton Terrell — Self-Employed

Steve Miller — CEO, Fresno First Bank

Ernie Penuna — Pastor of Encounter Church
Sean Tambagahan  — CEO, Butler Branding

Dennis Koch,—  Retired Mental Health Professional

Craig Saladino —  Board Advisor, CEO of Saladino’s Foodservice 

And the Lord said to him: ‘I have heard your prayer and your supplication that you have made before Me; I have consecrated this house which you have built to put My name there forever, and My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually.