For years, the Fresno Mission has held its annual banquet in the fall to raise funds and awareness for the homeless of Fresno. It was a single night event around a single cause.

But WHAT IF, instead of a 3 hour banquet of sitting at a table and listening to a speaker,

we did three MONTHS of festivities? Three months of celebrations? Three unique, 

challenging, and exciting events? Click below to get involved! 



The Graduation is a time to celebrate the men and women who have completed our long-term recovery program. We are providing a time for them to share this moment with those who walked alongside them through this journey. Our goal is for each graduate to know the Mission is proud of their accomplishment and cares for each one individually. During the celebration, there will be local food trucks and activities for everyone followed by a ceremony. Each graduate will be wearing a cap and gown and be given a moment to shine. All in all, this is a time to lead the men and women to their next step of life transformation.


Longest Sock line

Yes, you read that correctly! Here at the Mission, socks are a BIG DEAL. Socks not only help those in need, but they also open a door to start a conversation. That conversation can lead to a decision that has helped so many change their lives! That’s why we are going to break the Guinness Book of World Records Longest line of Socks. We are going the distance! Our goal is to collect 80,000 pairs of socks. Don’t worry we aren’t keeping all those socks for ourselves. Once we break the record, we will give these socks to local non-profits throughout the Central Valley! Join in Fresno History and help us break this world record! 

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One Table Fresno

Our world and country seem SO divided. But WHAT IF we could come together for one purpose, one cause, one goal? One Table Fresno is a great example of our community leaders coming together to serve those struggling with homelessness and food insecurity.

On December 18, 2021, Fresno Mission and Central California Food Bank are coming together to provide a hot meal for families in need. Afterwards, each family will have the opportunity to pick out a coat and take home one week worth of food. 

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