Mission Night Out RECAP! WATCH 👉

In case you missed it! You can still get involved and see how the face of homelessness has changed…and how the average shoe size is much smaller. What is homelessness like for a 10-year-old girl? Or a young mother expecting a child? You see the homeless along the side of the road, but you don’t see the hidden homeless. Who are they and what is life like for them? Come learn what we’re doing to combat homelessness and how you can be a part of the life-change that is so desperately needed in the lives of men, women, children, and whole families. Please join our efforts in helping the hidden homeless by watching how your support changes lives! Get involved below!


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Your support changes lives! Grabbing a virtual tag represents a  name of the many men, women, and children that come to us in need every year! If you feel led to get involved financially with a monthly donation, we will send you a FREE t-shirt for your ongoing support. 

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