Welcome to CC’s Kitchen at City Center, a place where the spirit of CC  lives on through every meal served and every act of kindness extended to those in need.

CC's Story

Cesilia, affectionately known as CC, was more than just a wife, mother, and friend; she was a true servant to her community. Throughout her life, CC exemplified the teachings of compassion and selflessness, embodying the spirit of serving others just like Jesus did. Even in her final days battling cancer, she dedicated herself to making a difference in the lives of those around her.


One of CC’s greatest passions was cooking, and it is for this reason that CC’s Kitchen has been dedicated in her honor. It serves as a testament to her love for bringing people together through food and her unwavering commitment to helping those in need.


At CC’s Kitchen, we strive to continue CC’s legacy by providing not only meals but also dignity, care, and support to our community members. Every plate served represents a beacon of hope and a reminder of CC’s enduring impact on those she touched.

How you can help.

Your support is vital in sustaining CC’s Kitchen and ensuring that we can continue to serve thousands in need. By donating to this cause, you become a part of CC’s legacy and help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 annually over the next five years. Already, friends and family have committed $50,000 a year for the next five years, but we need your help to make this vision a reality.

Join us in honoring CC’s memory and making a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Your contributions, whether one-time or recurring, will help us keep CC’s legacy alive and continue to impact thousands through CC’s Kitchen. Thank you for your support, and together, let’s ensure that CC’s spirit of love and service lives on.