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Mission Night Out 2022

What causes homelessness? 

And what does a homeless person actually need? 

Can we solve the homeless crisis by just providing food and shelter?

Or is it more complicated and challenging?

At the Fresno Mission, we know that homelessness is never about just one thing. It’s more than just needing a place to stay. 

It’s more than just needing food.

It’s more than a bed.

It’s more than mental illness.

It’s more than addiction.

It’s more than trafficking.

It’s more than abandonment.

It’s more than a lack of education or job skills.

In most cases, it’s many or all of these problems and more.

So, the solution cannot be just a house.

The solution has to be more than just-food.

The solution is more than counselling.

The solution is more than recovery programs.

The solution is more than education.

The solution is more than job skills development.

It’s more than….well, the list is very long.

We’ve come to believe the solution is more than just us.

More than the Fresno Mission.

More than you. More than money. More than volunteers.

Come to Mission Night Out on May 14th, 2022 at 5:30pm and find out what our solution is.

It’s more than just a night out. It’s more than just food trucks and entertainment. It’s more than just a great night out with your family. It’s more than experiential walk-through vignettes that tell amazing stories of life transformation.

Mission Night Out is more than what you think.

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