Mission Christmas is a unique opportunity to walk alongside families that are part of our Academy program, living at our Family Center, and Alumni from Rescue the Children. Our hope is to cultivate relationships and build community for these individuals and their families. The way that we can do that is pairing with a family in our program and purchasing gifts for their families and connecting during our meet and greet and wrapping party. We understand that not everyone in this season is able to walk alongside with time and connect. For the families and individuals that we are not able to pair up we will be purchasing gifts for them. First and foremost, we ask for prayer in this season for those that are staying with us. Holidays bring up a lot of trauma and pain for those that we serve. We pray that people will see God and not run from that emotion.


If you are wanting to provide a one-time gift this holiday season to help the mission purchase gifts for those staying with us please select an option. Click below to see gift suggestions. Thank you for your support.